tech Enthusiasts Event

An event where you can experience the tech innovation, meet and get knowledge from awesome enthusiasts.
Organized by The Enthu, in collaboration with our awesome partners.


Served 960+ Students, Organized In 2 More Colleges

Yes! We’re about to cross 1k+ mark in our next edition in COEP college’s MindSpark event on 23–25 sep. COEP is Pune’s top most college for Engineering.

After successful Trigger edition at DY Patil ACS and MBA colleges, we headed to AISSMS IOIT. Where we organized an independent event (non-event day) in the college. Only hang one poster at the gates just before a day of the event and guess what, 600+ students showed up. Amazing!


All the staff members and students were amazed of what these technologies can do. Students, in particular, were interested to know, how to develop apps on these technologies. That’s why in another segment we will be introducing workshops on developing VR and AR apps for students.

After AISSMS, we visited MIT kothrud. Again, one of the top most colleges in Pune. It’s kind of irony on how we landed to organized in this college. But here is the thing, we got only one day to prepare for the event and we did!. Served 100+ students and staff members included. Got interesting insights and plenty of feedback from them as well.

Our original remarks remained same — 99.99% percent like the event, 85 opted for workshops.

For users who are new — Trigger event is a flagship event of UnplugTech, we exhibit VR, AR and IoT-based consumer-focused products in the colleges. Also, we inspire them to develop their own app in these technologies.

If you’re a startup or company working in these sectors and have a working consumer or developed product, contact us immediately at

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