tech Enthusiasts Event

An event where you can experience the tech innovation, meet and get knowledge from awesome enthusiasts.
Organized by The Enthu, in collaboration with our awesome partners.


Huge Success To Our Tech Enthu event, Coming To More Colleges

Introducing Tech Enthu event, the one-of-the-kind event where students can experience the future technology. We started with DY Patil ACS college in Pimpri and attracted 150+ students — and that too without marketing.

When we started this blog (formerly Tengible), we had the sole purpose to reach the upcoming technologies and startups to the people. We are sticking to it, but we know that the ‘experience’ creates more lasting impact than just reading about it. Plus when you experience something, it stimulates your mind to create something creative from it and what’s better than a student’s mind, right!.

So we’re trying to Trigger this young and ambitious minds who are future of this world. A trigger to explore them to the new world of possibilities and creativity using Technology. Where the new ideas will be born and some can even change the world, who knows!

Currently, we’re exhibiting VR, AR and IoT-based consumer-focused products and will be targeting more colleges in coming weeks. If you’re a startup or company working in these sectors and have a working consumer or developed product, contact us immediately at

Arjun had made the video of the event (above) and below are some pics taken from the event. We also kept a gaming competition for a more interactive environment and 75% students experienced it. In the feedback system, we provided them — 95% students want to know and experience new tech, 90% want to attend a workshop and our favorite — 100% students rated us ‘Great’for the event.

Thanks to DY Patil ACS college and the faculties for the help and last but the best — our team members (why this, if you’re a startup you’ll understand this). See ya to the next college, keep checking

There is plenty of stuff to come. (Hint- we’re not sticking to students only) So, we’ll have something for you too.

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